Last weekend an event was held in Rovinj with the purpose of introducing the attendees to different aspects of blockchain, focusing especially on the possibilities of developing a startup on this technology. Blockchain is an increasingly popular technology on which cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum are based, with characteristics that make this distributed base suitable for various uses.


The event was encompassing lectures and demonstrations of different aspects and advantages of this technology, its areas of usage, as well as examples of regional initiatives based on blockchain.

This was not only an opportunity for knowledge acquirement, but also a chance for all COTRUGLI Entrepreneurship Festival attendees to find inspiration for possible solutions on which they may work, as well as for others to meet potential partners.

These are the areas the event was encompassing:
- Introduction to decentralized way of thinking
- Presentations of regional blockchain projects
- Presentation of local Ethereum projects
- Panel discussion and Q&A session


Confirmed speakers at the Conference are a leading blockchain experts in SEE:
Terence Tse, Petr Merc, Mališa Pušonja, Tali Režun, Nikola Jokić, Zoran Milošević, Ivan Bjelajac, Aleksandar Matanović, Peter Trček, Andrej Čvoro, Gregor Koželj, Rok Babič, Nik Klemenc...


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